Good afternoon guys.

I have noticed that the site and the IRC channel have been dead the last few months or so. With the PayPal problems still going on it seems no one whats to chat about anything but snatching torrents is still going strong.

We still have a lot of new torrents being uploaded so there is no problem there.
Thanks to you guys who are keeping things rolling in that department.

As far as donations go I have not heard anything new so if you have any questions please let HKR know. He may be working on something new.

Lastly. Please be sure to take a look at the sites home page. I have had to message users for different things when the info was right there.

So now please try and drop a message in the forums now and then, drop by the IRC channel when you can. If no one is active say something and see if anyone replies. Contact HKR for donations and check out the main home page for current info.

Thanks again from myself and the staff of HDME.

Any question please let me know.