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Thread: HDHome News - We need your help

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    HDHome News - We need your help

    Google Translation:

    With the development of the era, 4K originals have come to us. It is only a matter of time before BD is replaced by DVDs.
    However, the production of 4K originals has also improved a grade. Whether it is software or hardware, funds are unacceptable to individuals.

    Because we need to develop, we need to purchase genuine Blu-ray production software. Due to the high price of software and the limited personal capacity of the station owners, it is not easy to maintain the site. It takes a lot of money each month. Usual donations can only be described as a glass of water.

    Because we insist on providing our members with a clean website that is not polluted by any advertisements, we do not accept advertisements of any kind and do not have any income. Forced to donate to the general membership, after all, everyone's strength is unlimited. We guarantee the use of funds.

    Click to enter the donation page

    The following is the related software price and quantity:

    Scenarist UHD
    Professional Blu-ray production software, about 90% of the world's Blu-ray movies are from Scenarist, of course, BD2K version of the software has cracked, we do not need to buy.
    We need to purchase the latest version of Scenarist UHD, because this version can only purchase genuine, no crack version outflow.
    The reason for the purchase is that the software supports the latest Dolby Vision technology. Its advantages are that it can add audio tracks and effects subtitles, modify menus, etc., can be performed with high freedom, and the most perfect software. It's 15,000 U.S. dollars.

    Professional Blu-ray production software, but the production is more convenient than Scenarist UHD, UHD version of the price started at 12,000 US dollars, of course, the higher the price, the more support features.

    There is also a production software called DVDFAB DIY
    This software is similar to kite and Scenarist UHD are UHD production software, the advantage is fool-style operation, production is relatively fast, the price is also starting at 15,000 US dollars, the higher the price, the more support functions.

    We only need one set of these three softwares and we can decide according to the donation progress.

    The following is related auxiliary software, but also essential:

    The price of BD Demuxer Pro 3D is 299 euros, which is equivalent to 2,300 renminbi. We need to purchase 4 sets because we want to use it for four people.

    Finally, members are welcome to contribute their own strength to the development of HDHome. Currently, the front-end developer of the website is in short supply, and the subtitle group translates several. Click to enter the recruitment page

    We will update the progress of donations every 24 hours, and at the same time, we will count the donations according to individual wishes and announce them on the third floor of the second floor.

    If the donation exceeds RMB 30,000, thank you all, we will open the station for free for 3 days.

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