1. Since the site-wide free period has expired, please search for non-free resources to download the downloads in the newcomer assessment to ensure that the assessment meets the requirements.
2. We are no longer accepting applications for exemption from the newcomer assessment.
3. Do not use the contact management group function if it is not necessary, and you will be warned if you abuse this function.
4. For PT knowledge, please make good use of Baidu and other engines.
5. Encourage newcomers to send seeds. There are detailed seeding tutorials in the tutorial area of ​​the forum. It is recommended that newcomers learn the auto_feed script, which is very convenient to reproduce.
6. Encourage newcomers to learn IYUU automatic supplementary planting. For specific tutorials, please refer to the tutorials at www.iyuu.cn.
7. The average seeding time refers to the total seeding time/the number of seeds completed during the assessment period. If the assessment index does not change or decreases, it will be updated after 24 hours.
8. If you want to communicate with other netizens, you can join the group: 439186522.