At the same time want easy access for others to do anything? CMCT want to join this glorious team do? CMCT for all members of the working group is now recruiting the following long-term staff, if you are interested in participating, please select from the following groups for their own group to join: 1, pressed Group: must learn to adjust bilingual subtitles, but there is a certain basis, there is no basis to suppress Society must start from the tuning bilingual subtitles; 2, bilingual groups: bilingual subtitles tuned to have a certain foundation in English, English least four or more, and do not include those who do not know English; 3, recording group: record domestic and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan HD channels and compressed video; 4, special effects group: Major countries with subtitling and audio dictation; 5, DIY group: MiniBD and the original disk DIY production. Requirements: 1, after entering the working group, Do not quit; 2, to ensure long-term access, daily online time less than two hours, arrange for the group to complete the task on time; 3, not less than upload bandwidth requirements 500K, and i7 machine recommended configuration above, and 8G RAM recommended above. Working Group for the excellent staff can provide server tablet (subtitles group ignored this requirement); 4, CMCT have a good impression, to have team spirit, soy sauce person, curiosity, please do not disturb! You Are the One! Application Process: 1, group number: 324 446 465 into the group verify "Working Group Calls"; 2, after the report by the group into the group managed to arrange teaching and training within the group; 3, after your studies are required to attend assessment, assessment by leaving the group, did not pass cleaning, time period of one month. Special note: all we are engaged in unpaid volunteer work, hobbies all alone. Of course, there will be added after the medal, ocean, magic and welfare within the Working Group, CMCT invite love and are willing to pay for high-definition video to share the children's shoes to join our team and look forward to!