ATTENTION!!! Your help is required !!!

Dear users!

This is the 15th mass mailing at the request of the initiative group of patrons. This letter is intended to suggest where you can help the community with the advent of unique releases. The next mailing approximately in 3-4 months.

Acquisition of disks:
1. Collection of funds for Russian / CE / EUR Blu-ray discs. Theme №29
2. Fundraising for Blu-ray Discs

Workshop (assembly):
1. The complex theme of the assembly number 4 (5 films: The Truman Show, ...)
2. Alfred Hitchcock: Collection of Masterpieces / Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (1942-1976) BD-Remux
3. Awakenings / Awakenings (1990) 1080p BD-Remux
4. Guardians / Watchmen (2009) [Director's Cut] 1080p BD-Remux
5. D: Vampire Hunter: The Diplomacy / Vampire Hunter D: Dilogy (1985/2000) 1080p BD-Remux
6. Avatar (2009) [Theatrical Cut] 1080p [2D / 3D] BD-Remux
7. Listening / The Wire (2002-2008) [Complete Series] 20xBlu-ray [Custom] [Season 4/5]