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Donation purpose announcement

Since the website was opened, I thank all members for their support and encouragement. After reopening for almost three years, I would not say that the development is better than before, but at least it will be able to pass and give everyone a lot of rich resources.
From the start of the original game, to the leading version of the suppression, recording resources are constantly enriched, everything is inseparable from the support of everyone.

The following outlines the use of donations:

Web server, this is basic, there are currently two web servers, one host, one vice, for disaster recovery;
Website backup server, currently back up in real time for 3 special cases;
Website cdn, currently using two, to optimize global access capabilities;
Several I7 level and dual E5 level presses, basic configuration 32G memory, 1T SSD level, this is mainly used for the original starting suppression, HDTV recording suppression;
A variety of original first-time purchases, the price range, such expenditure has been there;
Recording equipment, this is the bulk of the current, is still in the upgrade phase, as you can see, recording resources are gradually enriched, from cable recording, ground wave recording, satellite recording, as much as possible to collect a variety of source code,
However, due to the special nature of the recording, it is impossible to record 100% complete, so there is a redundant device, a recording resource, may have to record multiple devices at the same time, recording as complete as possible.
Already existing recording equipment already exists in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, South Korea and Japan (under construction);
A number of editing machines, E3, 16G memory, 1T SSD level, made into a virtual machine, to all kinds of personnel editing clip recording resources use;
The network of editing machines and recorders is currently at the equivalent level of one hundred megabytes. One device is a network. Such expenses are also quite large. After all, it is necessary to transfer files and minimize the time.
Since it comes to recording, it is necessary to talk about storage, which is the hard disk. Recording takes up storage resources. In view of the regular broadcast time, we will postpone recording in the normal state and only take the text;
Several hard drives, main memory and all kinds of quality source code;

The above is basically the current expenditure situation

Here is a few words, but all resource reprints or sales of profit, all account numbers are blocked and ban-tree, these are our hard work income, if found violations, welcome to report, the website will appropriately reward the whistleblower, the site continues to operate , you need a piece of power, thank you!

Here's the advertising time:
HDCTV Recruitment Working Group Issues

HDCTV recording group

1. Can receive terrestrial wave, satellite or cable HDTV signals at home and abroad,
2, uplink bandwidth more than 500k
3, can insist on recording, have the spirit of sharing

HDCTV film source editing staff, only remote editing, the conditions are as follows:

1, trial learning period need to learn to use video redo, smartcutter and other editing software
2. The network condition is not a capillary.
3. Relatively free time each day
4, can obey the organizational arrangements

Workgroup benefits
1. All the members of the working group are gathered together because of their hobbies, and there is no return of any form of money
2. Enjoy the magic value and invitation treatment according to the workload every month
3. Honorary members or VIP treatment for the outstanding contributions of working group members after retirement

There will be a trial period after registration. Please consider carefully. We reject soy sauce and three minutes of warmth. Please consider carefully before you sign up for yourself.

If you apply, please PM
here←, please write my own content and QQ.