Kindly reminder:
All new members have to earn bonus by seeding/uploading torrents. It's an important way to evaluate the capability of new members. If our staff found out that you abused "Give A Karma Gift" to help a new member bypass the newbie task, the invitee's account will be disabled and a warning will be issued to you. Notice that on our rules states that "Disruptive behavior in the forums or on the server will result in a warning. You will only get one warning! After that it's bye bye Kansas!" so please don't risk your account for your own good.

Trading/exchanging invite is strictly prohibited. If you ever paid for this invite,send us proof and reaching our staff ASAP.

And again:
We suggest all new members set up 2-Step-Verification with Authy. Instruction to setup 2SV in HDChina can be found in
this post.
Staff members will no longer accept reasons such as "I lost my phone" or "Agh, I wipe my phone accidentally" as reasons to disable 2SV in our staff panel. NO MATTER WHAT REASON WE WILL NOT DISABLED 2SV FOR Y'ALL! Please store your 2SV information in safe place.