Due to the development needs of the website, there is currently no HDCTV editing staff, art workers, and related technical personnel. Please contact us through the management group email address. The registration format is as follows: Example: hdctv recording group China Telecom, 200 megabits down 20 megabits uplink Currently able to receive signals, such as Zhongxing 6A, Dalian Cable Receiving device used, T680C, 6908

Example: hdctv suppression group China Unicom, 100 trillion downlink 10 trillion uplink Cpu intel i5 8400, hard disk 1T Suppress experience Example: Artwork Skill description: ps, picture creation Familiar with web front end beautification Example: Technical Group Skill description: C++, PHP, java, deciphering, etc. HDCTV recording group 1. Capable of receiving ground waves, satellite or cable HDTV signals, 2. Upstream bandwidth of 500k or more 3. Can insist on recording, have a spirit of sharing

HDCTV suppression group

1. CPU 6 generation i5 or more 8G or more memory
2. Uplink broadband above 500k
3. Obey the suppression task arrangement, carefully and meticulously
4. Have the experience of suppressing priority, do not understand the suppression of the person with counseling

HDCTV Clip Group

1. Try to use video redo, smartcutter and other editing software during the trial period.
2, network conditions require not a capillary.
3, there is relatively free time every day
4, can obey the organization Web art Proficiency in image processing software such as PS Artists: Skilled or proficient in various image processing software, PS, AI, etc., can create their own original paintings (such as icons, posters, etc.). Front-end: Skilled or proficient in HTML (5) + CSS (3), can write jQuery or js better.

Technical group

Those who need a variety of skills blessing, whether it is front-end or back-end, as long as they will write related applications, will write website programs, will write automated procedures, various deciphering related. . .

Working group benefits

1. All members of the working group meet because of their hobbies, without any return in the form of money
2. Enjoy the magic value and invitation treatment according to the workload every month.
3. For members of outstanding working group to enjoy honorary membership or VIP treatment after retirement There will be a trial period after registration. Please consider carefully. We refuse soy sauce and three minutes of heat. Please carefully consider whether you can persist before signing up.