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In order to celebrate the CB marriage, it should have been open for invitation to register on the day of the marriage, but in view of the Chinese New Year, it was postponed.

1. From February 23 to February 28, the entire station does not count traffic for free. (The box still does not enjoy various offers, please know)
2. From February 23rd to 24th, the entire station invites permission to be released to the Dragon Set. The invitation link is valid for 1 hour and expires. Please carefully read the relevant terms when you invite:

- Do not send invitations in public, such as posting, Weibo, open forums, etc.
- Any form of multiple number, exchange invitation, and invitation transaction is strictly prohibited. Once found, the account number is forbidden and ban tree according to the situation.
- Please surrender your account in any way (including but not limited to Taobao).
- Do not invite those who have previously owned the account but have been banned for violations (including but not limited to bloodsucking, trading, cheating, etc.).
- Again, don't use the banned download client, such as aria2 or various offline downloads, once found, banned
Note: If you are inviting, please fill in the email and click the invitation, indicating that the email has been registered. Please do not change the email invitation. Maybe this person may be blacklisted due to cheating, selling, etc., such as forcibly changing the email invitation. The consequences of the follow-up will be borne by you, including your own account will be banned and no reason for appeal will be accepted.

Another: Due to website program update, there may be bugs. If you encounter problems in use, please post in the forum to let the technicians check. Thank you for your cooperation. Finally, the management team wishes you a happy new year and a happy family!

====HDChina Management Group ====