During this end-of-the-year assessment, the HDChina Staff still have some surprises offered to users with advanced classes.

A permanent invite will be added to those with "制片人" class while still taking the assessment as a reward for your contribution to HDChina community.

The assessment was intended to:
1. Give all users a remind that keep seeding what you have downloaded and earning bonus points will not only make a convenience to others who in desperate need, but also come in handy in some situations like the assessment holding.
2. Keep an appropriate ratio whatsoever, a very high or a very low ratio is generally not considered optimal.

Besides, some users are worried about that only "影业集团" or above will be refrain from any assessment in the future, but there's nothing to worry about. We will announce a major change about the requirements to reach a specific userclass (i.e. ratio and traffic amount) in an appropriate time. That is, this assessment is all about now, users with higher bonus points and higher traffic will be refrain from future assessments.
Therefore this assessment is a special one, just a reminder.

In the meantime, users with "大腕" class or above but below "制片人" ("制片人" & "大腕" are included), will have a traffic increasing contest. Traffic traded by bonuses will not be effective.

See more details at: http://hdchina.org/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=85192

Keep in mind that with a "制片人" class or above will make you eligible to send invites to who you trust, and eligible for enjoying more benefits from us. But users in the first three classes (i.e. "群众演员", "配角", "演员") can still enjoy your time here by being actively seeding/leeching and have a healthy ratio.