I . To notify that we are going to filter those inactive members soon.

We believe that the spirit of private tracker is to supply a better, faster, more convenient way to obtain resource, other than put more burden on our users' shoulder. Therefore, the only purpose of this "examine" is to clean out inactive members. We apologize for any inconvenience.
1>. Scope of filtration: All members who have registered before 12:00 PM, Dec./31st/2011.
2>. End of filtration: 12:00 PM, July/10th/2012.
3>. Way of filtration: Total amount of the sum of upload and download is what we are focusing on, after this filtration, the last 5% accounts of all members would be disabled, and that's 1,485 members from our data base. Till now, the total data of upload and download of the last person might be disabled is 206.90 GB. Considering that this watershed alters frequently, there will be an official update of data announcement weekly. (LINK: http://hdchina.org/forums.php?action...&topicid=78627 )

1.You might convert your bonus to a better data record when necessary.
2.Donors,VIPs,uploaders, encoders, or users with higher rank are excluded from examination.
3.The final interpretation to this activity belongs to HDChina. Be informed that rules we made for this filtration has the highest priority, any conflict would be adjusted to tally with rules listed here.

II. User classes and Promotion requirements of HDChina would be adjusted soon.

To accommodate the rules to a better development of website, we are about to optimize details of promotion and demotion in our hierarchy system. As forenotice, downloads would be weighed higher than before, and other optimizations would be applied. Details on competence of different ranking users would be discussed and improved. All works are in progress, stay tuned.

III . Other notices

1>.Now these people are qualified to sent invites: Donors, "制片人" and higher rating members.
2>.A correction of former announcement: You might have noticed that base on what we said before is that "those sources smaller than 1GB would not be count in seeding bonus", which is INCORRECT. Small files are still useful in getting seeding bonus, what changed is only that they are weighed less than before.

—HDChina Staff—