Invite rules

Due to continued attempts to trade invites we were forced to add a new requirement for their eligibility and from now on only users with account older than 2 years will have them available. Previous invite rules still apply.

Word of warning, invite only a person that you know a long time and really trust. If he turns out to be a rotten apple, your account will be in a jeopardy. Never give invites to strangers and never ask for anything in return (trading invites and public giveaways are forbidden). Recently we banned several members along with their whole invite trees of dozens of members in several levels...

Best Source for Internal Encodes

4k WEB-DLs with bitrates of 20-25Mbps have been appearing recently. These SDR WEB-DLs are usually better than the Blu-ray source, and sometimes the HDR versions are even better than the UHD BD. If you're encoding something where a high-bitrate WEB-DL source is available, be sure to compare WEB-DL vs Blu-ray before you start encoding; only the best version will be allowed to stay. In some cases only a WEBRip will exist (eg encoded from 4k Netflix/Amazon lossless caps) but these can still be compared against the Blu-ray source.

Finally: Since these high-bitrate 4k WEB-DLs are on par or better than the BD/UHD-BD sources, WEBRips from these sources will not be allowed for lottery movies until after the lottery has been drawn.