Free leech changes - 2020-08-31

Effective immediately, we've abolished the "no (partial) free leech for server/seedbox/VPN" rule. To clarify, this means that everyone now gets all full and partial free and neutral leech perks, regardless of the type of connection they're connecting from.

In its stead, we have introduced a much simpler rule: everyone with a buffer that is greater than 5 TiB, will only get 50% of their upload credit counted on 100% Free Leech (=blue) torrents. The original uploader is exempt.

The upload cap (max 3 * torrent size in upload credits during the first 72h) will remain in effect for all users.

We hope this simplifies things for both staff and users. And it should avoid VPN users from getting caught in the middle on a slow connection without free leech. We believe this new system will be simpler and fairer.

Happy torrenting!