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Thread: HDBits News

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    HDBits News

    Increasing account security - 2017-03-24

    Due to a seemingly increasing amount of hacked accounts, we've been forced to take countermeasures. We have thought about and done a poll on enforcing 2-step for all our users, but this seemed too drastic. That's why we have taken a good look a our data again and come up with the following solution:

    - If you've already enabled 2-step verification, or plan to do so because of this post, you're fine and don't need to take any further action.
    - If you don't want to use 2-step, by default you will not be able to browse the site using a VPN/SSH/TOR tunnel or any other type of anonimization service. So if you don't use VPN, then you will not be affected, but you will still be protected from hackers who have your password and most often log in using VPN.
    - It's still possible to use VPN, even with 2-step disabled, but only using up to 5 personal, pre-defined IP addresses. These IP addresses can be shared. You can manage these IP addresses in the "security" tab in your profile. You don't need to send us a message about it.

    Note that these measures only affect site visits; not torrent traffic. For now, we've just enabled the part where you can add your whitelisted VPN IP addresses, so you have time to enter those there or enable 2-step verification. In due course we will also start enforcing this policy and you will find that visits from a non-whitelisted VPN IP will be blocked, if you haven't enabled 2-step verification.
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    gr8 tracker never been ot it want but want...trying my best keep it up.Guyz u guyz doing a great job
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