For those who plan to buy a high-definition player under 500 yuan, other friends please ignore this information.

CoreELEC+clouddrive2 Blu-ray player:

clouddrive2 Blu-ray player companion function introduction:
1. It is a 4K Blu-ray player (can play the original disk on the downloaded hard disk or the original disk on the NAS).
2. It is also a cloud player (can directly play the cloud or mount the box to the cloud and share it with a higher-end UHD Blu-ray player or 4K player in the local area network for lossless playback). 3. You can also watch live broadcasts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on one
unit TV box (I will often share high-definition sources on tg in the future), and I can also watch many online videos such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Mango TV, Bilibili, etc.

Note: Because there is no good channel for purchasing, we only pick up the goods from dealers ~ dealers ~ dealers. The price of 480 yuan for a dual-system machine does not really have much advantage, but the usage skills and various ways of playing after buying it are ours. The strengths of it will teach you how to play with this multi-functional high-definition playback box.

Off-topic: You can first learn about the various ways of playing CoreELEC on Baidu, and then check on Baidu again. The current popular way of playing clouddrive2 is mainly because this TV box has these two plug-ins built-in directly from the factory, and there is no need to flash the machine separately. This is very An HD player worth playing. Interested professionals, or friends who are considering buying a high-definition machine under 500 yuan, can take a look and buy or pay attention to the current high-definition machine with built-in multi-plugs.