For publishing and reprinting to the [special area], meet the above requirements [re-editing specification main title subtitle] complete with DISC INFO: and the original [award information] and [video screenshot] in DISC INFO can be directly deleted, which is in line with HDAtmos When standardizing, 1000 magic points will be given as encouragement.

Thank you very much for releasing the video, and welcome to release the original disk with diy Chinese characters.
In order to reduce the pressure on the HDAtmos server in the future, the award-winning information and screenshots of the reprinted films need to be deleted directly.
Thank you very much for publishing the video. The big guys who publish the video that regulates the main and subtitles
may give 1000 magic points to encourage them.

Note: At the beginning, it is still published or reprinted according to the original steps (so that it will not affect everyone's auxiliary seeds), but after the successful release, edit and modify it to the format required by HDAtmos. , you can edit and modify it with confidence]
The big guys will edit the video to the current format after the next time the film is released successfully:
1. Main title: Chinese title and English title
2. Subtitle: Chinese title and title
3. Introduction box: the original subtitle Information copied to the first line of the introduction box
4. Reprinted from *** Thanks to the original publisher
5. Movie poster. But you need to leave a blank line between the movie poster and the ◎ translation name (press Enter once).
6. The film introduction, but the ◎ award status below the film introduction should be deleted, and 4 lines should be left blank between the film introduction and the (DISC INFO) audio and video information introduction (press 4 carriage returns).
7. For publishing and reprinting to the [special area], meet the above requirements [re-editing the main subtitle of the specification] and delete the [award-winning information] and [screenshot of the video] directly, that is, 1000 magic points will be sent when the HDAtmos specification is met. For encouragement.
***【HDAtmos can only release 1080P & 4K original movies with high-definition Korean TV series and concerts with Blu-ray sound effects test film above 8G】***