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Thread: HDArea News - Site reopened + Recruitment

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    HDArea News - Site reopened + Recruitment

    Google Translation:

    Recruit technicians

    Mainly solve the site many bugs, improve the function, require Nexus PHP experience, and be able to operate more skillfully.
    Contact: Direct PM management group left QQ


    Website reopened

    Because of the busy work, although the website server has not been closed in recent years, it has not been reopened, today is mainly on a temporary rise. If you want to take a look at the website, you will cherish the previous ones. Just a few hours later, members found that. We are also very touched, so we will reopen. However, the fact is that, due to the closure of several years, the official staff has lost too much, and the individual is also busy, so everyone should not expect too much. The website is mainly to provide a platform for everyone to communicate. We welcome all the great gods to release resources. The direction of the website depends on everyone's Construction.

    The website data is the same as before. Without any change, you can login directly. If you can't find the account, you can re-register, open the registration for a few days, and close it from time to time.

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    @jimmy7 Bro Thanks for the updates.
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