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Recruitment of 2 subtitles editors

Main duty:
Responsible for organizing and editing excellent subtitles on the Internet to create subtitles that can be directly packaged. No need to translate, just sort out the fonts of the subtitles, delete the ads, simply check the timeline, take care of the correction of subtitle errors, etc. Under normal circumstances, it is very simple, master a certain subtitle editing software.

1. There is enough time for college students to give priority
2. Have experience in subtitle editing, familiar with.
3. Can correct the new subtitles in the first time.
4. Three days of fishing, do not come in the two days of drying nets, ask to do something practical.

Welfare: The site vip treatment, to achieve a certain contribution to enjoy the treatment of the elderly when retiring. According to each of the finished movie subtitles 10,000 magic.

PS is really a very simple job, the subtitles are just sorted out.

Contact: Direct pm management group registration. Leave the QQ number and have someone to contact.

PS: Some small partners who have received the red packets from the home page will not be able to go out automatically, and they can get it again every day after spending it. If you can't spend it, you can transfer it directly to the website to avoid failure!