Website network optimization and upgrade successful!

This site has completed network optimization and upgrading in the early morning of August 21, which can basically guarantee normal access to almost all network conditions in China. If access is still not possible, it may be related to the local network provider.

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Another reminder of the account retention rules of this site, pay attention to logging in to the site regularly, and welcome everyone to upload and download more to create a better sharing environment.

Account retention rules:

1. Veteran User and above users will be retained forever;
2. Insane User and above users will not be deleted after sealing the account (in the control panel);
3. Users who have not logged in for 150 consecutive days The account will be deleted;
4. Users who have not logged in for 60 consecutive days will have their accounts deleted;
5. Newly registered users who have no traffic for 7 days (that is, upload/download data are all 0) will have their accounts deleted.

All cheating accounts on list will be blocked, please don't take chances.
List Users who register multiple HDArea accounts will be banned.