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The website will be free for seven days at this time, and the invitation level will be transferred to Elite User.

The bells of the college entrance examination have already landed, and the results of most places have been announced. I wish everyone can have a satisfactory score, get into the ideal university, and then there are many ways in life. The success or failure of a moment can not represent anything. Don't be too discouraged and brave to face the future of life.
In order to give the candidates a pleasant post-test time, this site will be free for all seven days at this time, the invitation level will also be transferred to Elite User, you can download it freely.

1. The registered email address of this website is limited to;
2. This site has a novice assessment function, you can choose the appropriate assessment, and pass it;
3, I hope that everyone should not promote everywhere, only to friends who have the need, low-key to the dust can last long, for everyone, but also for the website, please low-key.
4. The arrival of newcomers brings vitality to the site. Of course, it will also bring negative emotions, many embarrassing, complaints, etc. Students who wish to send invitations can inform the basic rules in advance, so as not to be BAN, which leads to resentment.