Donation rules and incentive schemes are implemented 2016-1-1: (VIP Download excluding downloads 2016-1-1) 1, cash donations. No matter how much your donations are a great encouragement to us, for every donation to support the development of affiliate sites, we express our most sincere thanks! Donation details are as follows: VIP: exempt from all downgraded all assessment, excluding downloads donors yellow star logo: do kind of magic is exempt from all ordinary members double and assessment. A one-time donation of less than 50 yuan, the number of donations * 1G upload reward, donated the magic number * 100; 50 yuan a one-time donation, reward a few donations 100G upload one month VIP, 1 invitation; a one-time donation 100 yuan, Upload reward 200G, three months VIP, 2 invitations, one year donors yellow star logo; 300 yuan a one-time donation, reward 800G uploads, 1 year VIP, 5 invitation, two years donors yellow star logo; a Contributions 600 yuan reward upload 2TB volume, 10 invitations for 2 years VIP, permanent donor yellow star logo; a one-time donation Alipay 1800 yuan, reward 8TB uploads, 30 invited VIP rank sites permanently, permanently of donors yellow star logo; 2, in-kind contributions or borrow such large bandwidth available for remote operation of computer! According to the relevant value of the corresponding rewards! 3, donation methods: Please click on the donation button in the upper right corner of this page to complete the donation issues. Please click on the Notes when contributions in your station ID or contributions after reply donation information for your convenience donations and deliver the relevant incentives to confirm or explain the situation in the forum. 4, please do not invite or account number to get through Taobao account invitation and sales channels. HDArea not for profit, not in any way the sale of the invitation and account in these business platform. Once such an account, the management group will immediately ban these accounts, and shall not appeal. 5, the above is not the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is to better the production of high levels of HD video, if you join our group repression, DIY groups, etc., and we will be more happy, more useful than the above donation! Powered entirely in line with the principle of voluntary donation, the management group will not include any personal way station PM and other forms ask you for your donation, even if there is a user management private letter seeking donations, do not believe, and immediately forward the contents of this letter private to HDArea , such as to confirm the report is true, will be amply rewarded! After the false report of verified punished! All donations will be used for the following purposes: workgroup server hardware resources first, broadband upgrades, maintenance, and other sites may be better for our members use the service. No Matter How much you DONATE, it is a great Encouragement to US, for every Member of the Donation to Support Web site Development, WE have to Express our MOST sincere Thanks Donation details are as Follows:! A Donation of $ 10, Reward the Number of Donations 100G upload, 1 months for VIP, 1 Invitation; A Donation of $ 20, Reward 200G upload, 3 months VIP, 2 invitations; A Donation of $ 50, Reward 800G upload, 1 years VIP, 5 invitations; A Donation of $ 100, Reward 2TB upload, VIP 2 years, 10 invitations A Donation of $ 300, Reward 8TB upload, 30 invitations, site Permanent VIP PayPal For the user Please PM Details after making the Donation receiver = 2




无论您捐赠多少,都是对我们莫大的鼓励,对于每一位捐款支持网站发展的会员,我们都表示最真诚的感谢!捐款 细则如下:






一次性捐款600元人民币,奖励2TB上传量,10个邀请,2年VIP,永久性捐赠者黄星标识 ;

一次性捐款支付宝1800元人民币,奖励8TB上传量,30个邀请,站点永久VIP等级,永久性捐赠者黄星 标识;



4、请各位不要通过淘宝账号邀请、销售等渠道来获取邀请或账号。HDArea不以盈利为目的,不会以任何方 式在这些商业平台出售邀请和账号。一旦发现此类账号,管理组将立即封禁这些账号,且不得申诉。

5、上面的都不是最终目的,最终的目的是为了更好的制作高水平的高清视频,您如果加入我们压制组,DIY组 等,这样我们会更加欣喜,比上面的捐赠更加有用!

本站捐赠本着完全自愿的原则,管理组不会以任何私人方式包括站内PM等形式向您索取捐赠,如发现有用户甚至 管理人员私信求捐赠,请勿相信,并立即将此私信内容转发给HDArea,如确认举报属实,将给予重奖!虚假 举报的查实后严惩!
所有捐赠将全部用于以下用途:工作组服务器硬件、资源首发、宽带升级、站点维护及其他可以更好地为广大会员 提供服务的用途。

No matter how much you donate, it is a great encouragement to us, for every member of the donation to support web site development, we have to express our most sincere thanks! Donation details are as follows:

A donation of $10, reward the number of donations 100G upload, 1 months for VIP, 1 invitation;

A donation of $20, reward 200G upload,3 months VIP , 2 invitations;

A donation of $50, reward 800G upload,1 years VIP, 5 invitations;

A donation of $100, reward 2TB upload,2 years VIP ,10 invitations

A donation of $300, reward 8TB upload,30 invitations, site permanent VIP

For PayPal user please PM the Details after making the donation