EPiC Encoder Recruiting

1, I7 CPU for the desktop level and above;
2, download 10M (1M / S) and upload 4M (400KB / S) or more;
3, there is enough time and are willing to sacrifice, the best is a strong interest in pressing .
4, there is a strong sense of belonging to the site, the site can only be released works. Want is a perseverance, just to see, and soy sauce, your account will get a warning or a ban, before you sign up to think about yourself is appropriate. There are interested, please contact http://www.hdarea.co/userdetails.php?id=7 **************************** ************************************************** ******** Recruitment for Encoder epic, the Internal encode group, is Currently looking for encoders. That epic is seeking the passion you have, and Willing to Share with the community. If you're new at encode movie or did not know How to do Not a problem at All We CAN teach you... Minimum Requirements - Reliable i7 CPU or above - Speed ​​down / up 3 Mb / s So if you have Interest Please do not hesitate: Please contact Me http://www.hdarea.co/userdetails.php?id=2