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Thread: HDArea: News

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    HDArea: News

    本站本身是没有此项规则的,但是由于免费较多,使很多会员完全无上传压力,下完就跑现像非常严重,经常看到 ,有些资源,出种一个跑一个,造成资源断种,因此特对相关下完就跑的人制定相关规则,多次违反的,将会封禁 账号。

    每一部资源,出种的前5人,在第6名没有出种的情况下,特别是还有人员下载的情况下不允许立刻撤种,第6名 出种后,则第一个出种的会员可撤种,以此类推。
    还有一些比较合理的规则,可能没有说明,但实际操作中可能会应用,也会受到相应的警告,所以说,不要过多的 去钻规则的漏洞,而是要做一个有种的人。

    不要出现:求字幕、求XX、没有什么就不下、上传好慢、这电影不好看、没必要下、这个可能有XX问题、可能 不是XX等在没下载完就来恶意猜测,有些人之前就钻漏洞,我这说的是可能,又没说一定,所以不算否定性言论 ,还有许多未能一一示例,但也会遭到警告的情况。可能有的人会说好多呀,那我都不敢说任何话了,但请记住一 点就行了,站在发布者的角度换位思考一下,你就会知道你的评论合不合适了。可能有些人,从来没发布过自己制 作的资源,可能感受不到相关心理,你可以自己设想一下,假如这个资源是你花费几天时间弄出来的,你的心理是 怎样的,可能感受更相近点。

    PS:没有一个完全公平、公正,而且没有漏洞的规则,实际的操作,会根据实际情况来处理,管理组决不会故意 来针对哪些人,但也绝对不会放过钻规则漏洞的人,借用很多人说过大概意思差不多的一句话:PT站只是一个私 人的分享平台,不会什么事都严格依照规定来做,对于一些明显违规的人肯定不会放过。

    - HDArea管理组 2015-9-20

    With regard to the H & R warning instructions and seeds comment zone specification
    A, "H & R" warning instructions
    site itself is not this rule, but because more free, so that many members completely uploaded pressure is finished now run as a very serious, often see some resources, the seed a running one-off caused by resource types, and are therefore formulated the relevant rules under the complete run of people, repeatedly violated, the account will be banned. Each unit resources, after the first five kinds of people, in the case of the first six not out of species, especially under the staff there are not allowed to download immediately withdraw species, the first six of the species, the first one out Members can withdraw species species, and so on. 1, of course, for all Members to download complete resource, not in this rule; 2, for the case of more than five people to do the number of species, nor in this rule; there are some reasonable rules, may not be described, but the actual operation may be applied, it will be subject to appropriate warning, so that not too many loopholes to the rule, but to be a kind person. Second, the seeds comment area comments norm: not to appear: seeking subtitles, seeking XX, no no less, upload very slow, this film does not look good, no need at this question may have XX, XX, etc. may not be downloaded at no came malicious speculation, some people before loopholes, I say this is possible, certainly did not say, so too negative remarks, there are many examples of failed one by one, but would have been warning. Some people may say a lot of it, then I do not dare say anything, but please keep in mind that on the line, standing on the publisher's point of view to think about, you will know that you are fit a comment. Perhaps some people, never released resources to produce their own, may not feel relevant psychology, you can imagine yourself that, if you spend a few days of this resource is time to get out, what your mental might feel more close points. PS: do not have a completely fair and impartial, and there is no rule loophole, the actual operation will be based on the actual situation to deal with, the management group who would never intentionally be against, but definitely will not miss the drill rule loophole people, to borrow a lot of people have said about the meaning of a sentence similar: PT station just a private sharing platform, not strictly in accordance with the provisions of nothing to do, for some obvious violation of people certainly will not miss.

    - HDArea Management Group 2015-9-20
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