What happened

All users of Sinderella have been subject to a massive data breach. Their database was accessed and copied and all info is currently being, or has been, released to the public. This was done by an individual who was trusted by Sinderella's staff to help out and subsequently betrayed that trust.

Apparently, this individual and his associates were granted access to Sinderella's servers under the false pretence that they would endeavour to help strengthen the security of the servers. Sinderella's staff soon became aware of the fraudulent nature of the "assistance" that they were receiving and shut the servers down in an attempt to protect user data from exposure. Unfortunately, it was too late as the database had already been copied. Some time later the guilty parties attempted to blackmail Sinderella's staff into granting them access to the servers again or they would publicly release (parts of) the database, which has unfortunately happened. It is commendable that Sinderella's staff has not complied with these demands.

Our strong advice is to change any identical account information on HD-Torrent that you have used on any of these two trackers. And always remember, never under any circumstances use the same password on multiple sites.