Remux upload contest

A new year, a new skill. You probably created a generic new years resolution, something like "I want to get better at [fill in the blank]."

But what about a new skill? Remuxing to be exact! For those of you who do not know what a remux is I will give you a quick explanation, it's removing the extra shit from a disc such as the titles, all trailers they dump in.

For the next month, all blu-ray discs will be 100% freeleech, any upload will count. This is designed for you to give remuxing a go. All uploading rules will still apply, so please familiarise yourself with them before attempting anything as your account could get disabled.

A helpful tutorial can be found here.

To top all this off, we are making this a competition for whoever would like to participate. Depending on how many people are getting involved, we will be offering three places which will be offered 5000 points, 2000 points and 1000 points. The only catch - THE REMUX HAS TO BE YOUR OWN, No group's will be allowed to enter.

Please post here like other competitions with links to your remuxes.