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Christmas contest 2018

The HD-F team offers you its big
Christmas contest

In this month of December, and like last year,

The contest is open until December 24 23:59 French time.

Contest Rules:

- Films must be posted in the collection "Christmas Contest"

- It must be a new movie, not a new movie format already on the site before.

- Each participant will make a comment in this topic to indicate the list of his uploads. Thank you to make a single list per person by modifying your post as you go.

The list should take the following form:
1- Merry Christmas
2- My best Christmas present
3- etc.

To write like this:
1- [url = https: // Torrentid = ****] Title of the movie you are uploading [/ url]

- The given link must be the "Permalink":

That is the link of the torrent and not the film.

- The staff is the only judge of what is validated or not as a film. Flms can be considered standout if the link with Christmas is not obvious.

- Of course, only uploads posted after the launch of the contest will be counted.

- Novices who want to participate in the contest can apply to the staff to have the right to upload, which could allow them to obtain higher status more quickly and / or to raise their ratio

- Naturally, all upload rules remain applicable.

- You will have to leave the share uploads at least:
- until the end of the contest
- and (for last-day ups) 72 hours minimum like any torrent.

- Staff members can participate "for fun" but are out of competition

- The staff is there to answer any request for clarification on these rules if a point was not clear.


1st prize: 10,000 points either Go per validated upload + a personalized title "Santa Claus"

2nd prize: 5,000 points Go per verified upload

3rd prize: 2,000 points Go per verified upload

For all participants:
1000 points either Go per verified upload