In line with this topic about the movies and now that it is well launched, I propose its equivalent series!

I send bonus points to those who will upload here a new series season.

New season = the season of this series is still present in any format on HDF.

For any new season, I send you 1000 points
+ 1000 if no season of the series is still present on HDF (the sheet of the series does not exist yet)
+ 1000 points if it is a French series
+ 1000 points if the series was aired or started before 2000
+ 500 points if it is a remux
+ 1000 points if it is a full BluRay
+ 1000 points if it is a full BluRay with proof
+ 500 points if he fills a request

You can receive up to 6500 points per new season.

To receive your points:

Once the new season has been uploaded, post here

- The name of the series with the number of the season
- The permalink of the torrent (the one we get by clicking on the "PL" button *)
- The details of the points to which you think you are eligible

Black baron S01
torrents.php? id = 9561 & torrentid = 21361 # torrent21361
New season: 1000
New series: 1000
French Series: 1000
Full BluRay: 1000
Total: 3000 points

Important notes:

- By posting here to claim points, you agree to keep the torrent in seed as long as possible and at least 1 month. If I find that your torrents are no longer seeded after a few days, I will not send you more points in the future.

- The price of points may vary in one direction or the other. New premiums can be added or removed. The topic can also be closed at any time, it is a graceful gift and not a due.

- Your old "new series" are not eligible, only the series uploaded from now on are.

- please wait until your up is validated by torrent mods before posting here ...

- This topic concerns series. For movies, see here

To your uploads!

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