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Thread: GoMovies Moves to and Evades Google ‘Ban’

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    GoMovies Moves to and Evades Google ‘Ban’

    The popular movie streaming site Gomovies has relocated to a new domain name once again. Going forward, the site will be operating from and will no longer list any infringing links on the homepage. The change comes right after the site's previous homepage was removed from Google following a takedown notice.

    Pirate video streaming sites are booming. Their relative ease of use through on-demand viewing makes them a viable alternative to P2P file-sharing, which traditionally dominated the piracy arena.

    The popular movie streaming sites GoMovies, formerly known as 123movies, is one of the most-used streaming sites. While it’s built a steady userbase of millions of users over the past year, the site’s home keeps changing.

    The latest move came this week. Going forward, the site will be active from, operating from the Icelandic domain name.

    While the site hasn’t officially commented on the reason for the move, on Twitter a site representative mentioned a Google ‘penalty’ as the main driver behind the recent change.


    When we looked at the issue more closely, we found that it’s not so much a penalty, but rather a response to a DMCA takedown request.

    Earlier this week the site’s homepage was removed from Google’s search engine following a takedown notice from Warner Bros. This made it harder for users to find the site through Google, as various knockoffs were ranked higher in the search results for the “Gomovies” keyword.

    In addition to relocating to a new domain name, the site has also changed the look of its homepage. Instead of a page filled with the most popular movies and TV-shows, it now lists a basic search box.

    New GoMovies homepage

    The homepage change is likely a response to Google’s search engine removal as well. The previous GoMovies domain was targeted by Warner Bros. because it listed a link to a pirated movie, but such links are no longer present on the new homepage.

    That said, users who prefer the old look can still access it with a single click, which is prominently mentioned on the site.

    Despite the domain name change, the GoMovies brand hasn’t changed. The logo and all other references to the site’s name remain intact. Confusingly, people who search for GoMovies on Google still won’t see the URL in the top results, but perhaps that will change in the future.


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    I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the website. such high quality site for streaming and it is FREE lol
    Thanks for the info and the website
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