This year the well-known Kvízbajnokság is held,
Whose final winners will receive prize winnings!

The game will last 9 rounds, which will be closed with a final. During the 9 rounds, valuable points can be collected.
The ten most points-earning players get into the finals, where they can take their turn against each other
The rehearsals of the championship, which are now taking place for the prizes (of course the players in the finals
Points are reset).

- 14-e, péntek, 19:00
- 15-e, szombat, 19:00
- 21-e, péntek, 19:00
- 22-e, szombat, 19:00
- 28-a, péntek, 19:00
- 29-e, szombat, 19:00

- 04-e, péntek, 19:00
- 05-e, szombat, 19:00
- 11-e, péntek, 19:00

General rules:
- A player can write up to 2 answers to a question unless the task otherwise exists.
- A question will be in effect for 10 minutes if no deciphering occurs during this time, we will go down to the next question.
- During the qualifiers, if at least 5 players request help, the quizmaster will help. During the final it will be 3.
- If a player interferes multiple times with his non-conforming speeches, the player and the players will be disqualified for the lap.

- Small and capital letters do not matter, but the accents must be very careful and spelled.
For example: Gyuri, gyuri - Adam, adam is accepted as well, but for example Adam and Adam are not because they have two different names.
In addition, no mistakes made in repetition can be accepted, such as "Puri," instead of "Gyuri" instead of "yguri" or "Panni", "Pani, Fanni" etc ...

- Every fifth question (ie 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th) is worth TWO point instead.

In the semifinals, everyone can take part (outside of the staff), and the finalists will receive 5GB per question, which will be credited after the round.
Prizes:1st Place: Handheld Ticket + Side Bag + 4 Weeks Green Flag + Kingston 32GB 3.0 Flash Drive.
2. Placed: 50GB upload + 2 weeks green flag + Kingston 16GB, 3.0 pendrive.
3rd place: 25 GB upload + 1 week green flag + Gigatorrents keychain