Monero Mining

To pay the bills, we have always relied solely on the generous donations from our users. Without donations, we'd have no servers! Due to concerns expressed over the difficulty of donating with BTC, we have been exploring alternatives.

To provide other options, we have been experimenting with the use of a new Monero pool as an alternative for donations. As of today, we are opening up a trial for the new pool. If you would like to participate, simply head to the donations page to find more information. If you are not familiar with Monero, it is similar to BTC but much more anonymous; and rather than purchasing cryptocurrency, you can help us out just by mining in our pool! To get more info on Monero, see their official website.

For now this is just a trial but we will be looking into possible donor perks for Monero miners in the future.

Happy mining!

Authorized Locations

We have implemented a new feature for security. Whenever you login from a new location going forwards, you will be sent an email for verification. You will not be able to access the site until you click the link in the email. This should help prevent hacking of GGn accounts.

For most users, you probably wont notice anything. If you are logging in from a location you've used in the past, the login process will go through like it always has.