We are extremely happy to announce that we managed to cross 100,000 active game groups! This is a truly monumental achievement, and we are so very proud of everyone who has contributed to this community. In celebration of this milestone, there will be global buffs providing 1.5x torrent gold and 0.5x download for 10 days. This means that any torrents you seed will generate 50% more gold and any data you download will be halved.

Editing Permission Rework
We have recently adjusted and simplified the permissions surrounding groups and torrents. In general, access to torrent and group editing is widened. Previously, the system was partially based on timers, obscure conditions, and quite a few bugs. Now, there are three simple tiers: Amateurs and Gamers can edit their own torrents and groups they've uploaded into, unless the group is checked; Pro Gamers can edit anything unless the group is checked; Elite Gamers can edit anything.

For those who are unfamiliar with checking, Torrent Moderators can designate a group as checked if the torrents and the group as a whole are up to our standards. Overall, this means that the groups follow certain formatting and aesthetic standards, that any useful information is added as far as is reasonable, and the torrents adhere to our rules. The specific details can vary between platforms, however.

Reminder About μTorrent
We would also like to take this time as a reminder that in 2.5 months, all μTorrent versions will be removed from the client whitelist. We have seen a big decline in μTorrent uses already. Prior to the announcement, 27 users were seeding over 1k torrents and 11 users were seeding over 2k torrents. Now, there are only 15 users seeding over 1k torrents and just 4 users seeding over 2k torrents. There are overall still 551 users who announced with μTorrent in some extent, but we expect this change to cause little disruption to our overall swarm health. In simpler words, file availability should largely remain the same.

For those who are still looking into switching, we have set up a support thread here with a linked wiki article that can be quite useful.

[em28] GGn Staff