This year, we're going to vote for GGn's Game of the Year 2022, as well as for games in a number of categories.

Voting will happen over two stages. First, everyone can vote on a game that should be crowned the GOTY. In the second stage, the Game of the Year will be chosen in a site poll amongst the most popular choices, with additional votes on the most popular games in secondary categories.

Limitations & Conditions
The GOTY pick must have received a release after December 15th, 2021 on any platform. Games in active development such as Early Access, as well as Updates and DLC aren't considered releases, but remasters, remakes, and games out of Early Access in 2022 are.
Only games that have torrents uploaded on GGn can be voted on. This means that votes for multiplayer-only games or uncracked games at the time the voting ends will be discarded. This also means the game needs to be released by the time voting ends.
If you answer multiple times, only the first valid entry when voting ends will be considered. If you want to change your nominee just edit your post. Do not add another one.
Any nomination answers must strictly follow the provided format. We will automatically parse through the answers, so posts that deviate from the format will be ignored.

Answers should be given as just 'Game Name' in plain text. For additional comments, you must add a new line to post what you want.

Example Post: Show

The first line of your post should be just the name of the game you nominate in plain text:
do not add any bbcode, platform, "GOTY" word, emoji, or anything else to that first line,
do not shorten or alterete parts of the title (e.g. it should be "Resident Evil", not "RE").

Voting will be open until Dec 30, 00:00 site time.