Ghastly Treats & Staff Hiring

Happy Halloween GazelleGames!

Frightening figures have been spotted floating around! Perhaps they are responsible for the disappearing images lately? Heralding a time of sweet horror, these otherworldly creatures have decided to visit us for the occasion. They will soon disappear once they've snatched their share of games, but for those who are left too aghast at this terrible sight, you can edit your profile to disable holiday effects altogether.

To celebrate the occasion, our ghoulish confectioners have come up with new and exciting sweets, filled with a variety of tempting boons and damning curses. Some are even quite crunchy! But be aware, you may be tricked! Eating Candies may be bad for a Gazelle's health, leading to short negative buffs and small amounts of lost gold & upload! There's also a new set of ghost cards to celebrate our floating friends. Can you find them all?

Most importantly, we've once again put together a selection of creepy treasures. Clicking the box below will award you a Ghastly Halloween Candy Box. You can open it in your inventory to get a random selection of candy, cards, and other horrifying items!

Be sure to claim your box quickly. A large mass of sentient ectoplasm is devouring all it can get in its nonexistent hands. We estimate it'll eventually cover the entire supply of boxes in two weeks time.

For those left unsatisfied by the box, more treats can be found all around the site. There are also rumors of mysterious remnants of ancient ruins that have been overlooked in the previous expedition. If they can be found, perhaps their unholy powers can be used to increase the sweet supply!

Thanks to our dedicated ghouls, ThePeach, Phantasm, TNSepta, and BuzzArmstrong for wrangling these new items from the abyss.

Torrent Moderator Hiring
Spooky as we are, GGn also prides itself in having a terrific quality of groups, information and torrents, a lot of which can be credited to our Torrent Moderators. We are frightfully thankful for the work these dedicated individuals put into the community, and we are looking for more people who are interested in moderating and managing platforms. We're especially looking for people interested in moderating PS3 & PS4, retro and older Nintendo platforms, as well as for OST and E-Book. However, any platform is open for motivated applicants!

If you are interested and believe you'd make a good candidate, please consider sending in your application. For more information on basic requirements and how to apply, please visit the latest TM Hiring Thread.

We hope you'll enjoy this frightful time!
GGn Staff