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Thread: GazelleGames News

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    GazelleGames News

    Low Seed FL, Dead Torrent Pruning, Rule Changelog & Internal Team Recruitment
    Low Seed Freeleech

    It's been a few months since we shutdown the 6 hour FL but I am happy to announce that it has now been replaced with a new Freeleech system! The new system limits the amount of FL torrents you can get each day and it targets torrents at risk of deletion for added benefit.

    On the front page at the top-right you will now see a section that lists Low Seed Freeleech. Inside are 5 different torrents. These torrents will all have around 1 or 2 seeders. You will be assigned 5 new torrents every day that you can download for free. These torrents are not the same for everybody, you are randomly assigned 5 at-risk torrents for you to personally download for free. When you download these torrents the same rules apply as when using a freeleech token; you have 2 weeks to download the torrent at max, and FL expires after those 2 weeks or when you have downloaded the torrent to 100%.

    This system should allow users with low ratios to still get Freeleech torrents to assist them with their ratio like before, but without the negative parts of the 6 hour FL. In addition, you do not have to worry about freeleech expiring after a few hours and then getting hit with a bunch of download!

    We hope you enjoy the new system!

    Dead Torrent Pruning

    Our dead torrent pruner has officially been turned back on. Going forwards, all torrents that have been unseeded for 1 month straight will be deleted. The only exceptions to this are scene torrents, releases, and No-Intro releases. As these torrents follow a strict format and are often relatively easy to reseed, we will not be deleting them. That said, if you wish to reseed one of these torrents and cannot because of a file change, you may trump the torrent assuming it has been dead for at least a month.

    Rule & Wiki Changelog

    While we expect that every user has read our rules, Wiki and all subsections, we sometimes make small rule or Wiki changes which might not always be easily noticeable. In an effort to make these kind of changes more visible, we recently added the Rule & Wiki Changelog thread to the Announcement forums. Please check the thread from time to time, or even better, subscribe to the thread to get notifications to your inbox about all the changes we post there. This thread will hopefully keep everyone informed about all our changes more easily. Kudos to BTN for the idea!

    GGn Internal Team Recruitment

    Almost 8 months ago we brought back our GGn internal release group and since then the internal release group has made releases for 520 games! Preparing those releases requires time and effort. To ease the workload of our current internal team and to make the team even more efficient than it already is, we are seeking active members to join our team to help ensure a steady flow of releases. For more information on how to apply, take a look at the Joining Internal Team thread
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