Removal of the 6 hr FL, Updates to HnR rule, and Packs going NL

6-hour Freeleech Removal

Let's start with the hardest news first, at the end of the day (GMT) on April 30th, we will be removing the 6 hour freeleech on all new torrents. We are aware that a lot of users use this as a primary means of gaining ratio, but it is detrimental to the economy overall and can cause issues for users who accidentally download data outside of the 6 hour period. We are doing our best to find other ways to assist users in maintaining their ratio, starting with the new Gold system we have put in place.

As we know not all users login daily, we want to ensure that users who have not read this news yet do not get hit with a ton of download from auto dowloading. As such we will be changing our announce channel. Going forwards, the new announce channel will be #GGn-Announce. We will keep #announce until 6 hour FL is removed. After that, we will remove #announce. This way, you can keep auto downloading right up until the time we remove 6 hour FL and you will be automatically stopped when we turn this system off. On the other hand, if you wish to keep auto downloading after 6 hour FL is removed, move your bot into #GGn-Announce. We already are announcing in that channel and will continue to after the 6 hour FL is removed.

In short, if you autodl:
To keep auto downloading after 6 hour FL is removed, move your bot into #GGn-Announce
To automatically stop auto downloading when 6 hour FL is removed, make no changes to your autodl bot

Game Packs going Neutral Leech

At the end of the day on April 30th, we will also start a new initiative. From then onwards, all game packs will be set to Neutral Leech automatically. To clarify, these will be all platform packs that contain all of the games for a specific platform. For example, the Playstation 3 Pack that new users love to download and accidentally destroy their ratio on . For a more in-depth view at what will go Neutral Leech, check out this collection. All torrents in that collection will go NL. We hope that this change will prevent users from destroying their ratio by downloading an extremely large pack. It can also be a useful source of games to upload, or a source of gold for whoever is willing to provide the HD space to download one of these packs.

Hit 'n' Run Rule Changes

We would like everyone to note that the HnR rules have been changed. Going forwards, we require a minimum of 80 hours (rather than 72) to prevent a Hit 'n' Run. We also will not be counting in ratio on torrents for preventing HnR's. In other words, no longer will getting a torrent to a 0.8 ratio be sufficient for preventing a Hit 'n' Run. For more info, see the discussion thread connected to this announcement.