Denuvo Seyter Repacks

Recently it has been found that a number of repacks of Denuvo-bypassed games done by Seyter had a bitcoin miner included in the install. 2 of these repacks were uploaded to the site and have since been deleted. Unfortunately, many users here downloaded those games while they were still on-site.

As these torrents were deleted before news of the bitcoin miner was released, we have no way to contact just the people who snatched that game, hence this public announcement.

If you downloaded Just Cause 3 XL Edition RePack-SEYTER OR Far.Cry.3.Blood.Dragon.MULTi2.RePack-SEYTER and installed the repack, you should check your computer for a bitcoin miner. If you got any other recent repacks from Seyter elsewhere, I'd recommend checking those games as well. Better safe than sorry!

The disinfection instructions:
Check Task Scheduler for a task named "InstallShield Updater" delete it if you see it.

Use 'Everything' search by voidtools to search for all folders that contain BOTH "issch.exe" and "libcurl.dll" in the SAME folder and delete it as this is the miner. There *are* legitimate things that use both of those filenames so be careful. The miner installs to either \Users\User\AppData\Roaming or \Users\User\AppData\Local\

The legit issch.exe file should be no larger than 100kB. The miner issch.exe file is around 1MB in size.

Here is what the folder structure where the miner is located looks like:

More info: