Merry Christmas!

It's that time of the year again, where we get to look back at the past experiences and memories we've made. A little over a year ago, trading was introduced and later expanded upon with our trading cards system. We also celebrated our 8th birthday and held an exciting treasure hunt, giving many people an opportunity to explore the history of GGn.

We've further seen some great new additions to our staff team, and got to see off others who stepped down after the enormous contributions they've made to our community. We've also introduced some rule changes to further improve the quality and consistency of groups and saw countless new uploads made.

Hopefully, the coming years will prove to be equally exciting and fruitful!

12 Days of Christmas

With Christmas finally arriving, our 12 Days of Christmas Internal releases are also coming to an end. If you haven't checked them out already, you can do so here. Keep in mind that they will be freeleech for a few more days until January 1st.

There's presents!

We've had a wonderful year and commissioned Santa to give out presents to our lovely community in celebration. Unfortunately, he ran out of space on his list and wasn't able to deliver anything, so we decided to just give everyone a magical present in his stead! You may have noticed the star in this post. Clicking it will award you with a Christmas present, containing a freeleech token, some gold, a chance to get some unique yeti pets, as well as a randomized assortment of crafting materials to be used in Christmas crafting. We hope you'll enjoy it. Claim your gift here!

Unfortunately, we used plant leaves to wrap the presents and there are some hungry gazelles around. We're trying to distract them for now, but according to our estimates, they will have eaten them all in two weeks. So make sure to claim the present before then!

We hope you all get to enjoy the current & coming festivities. Happy holidays!

GGn Staff