GOG Uploads, E-Books, and GGn History

Hello GGn Community!

GOG Uploads & Goodies

In early 2019, we've made some changes aimed at improving GOG uploads. Primarily, we have separated in-game content from "GOG Goodies", such as bonus content like manuals or artwork that are bundled with game purchases. To prevent a big and disruptive trumping wave all at once, we've added a temporary grandfather clause, meaning that the change did not apply to old torrents.

A lot of time has passed since then and numerous GOG uploads have already been trumped by newer versions which properly follow the updated rules. In an effort to clarify and simplify our rules, we're now looking to end the temporary exception of older uploads. In practice, this means that all torrents will be treated the same, no matter when they were uploaded.

Starting from today, original uploaders have a grace period of 2 months to correct their uploads. Until November 15, 2020 00:00 site time original uploaders can trump their GOG uploads with bundled goodies, even if those torrents are the latest game version on site. After that time, the rules will be adjusted; the grandfather clause in rule will be removed and rule will be removed entirely. All torrents not adhering to the new GOG rules will be considered trumpable.

Improvements to E-Book Uploads

Over the past months, we've also taken a look at e-books and mode some improvements to the release information section. While previously most information about e-books such as format or media type was entered into the release description, there are now dedicated fields that will display on the group page. Due to that, it will now be easier to find that information at a glance, without having to comb through the description of each torrent. A more detailed explanation on the changes can be found over in the Rule & Wiki Changelog.

Overall, these action are part of an ongoing effort to simplify and clarify our uploading rules. You can look forward to further efforts aimed at changing our rules to be more consistent and easier to understand, without substantially altering their substance.

GGn History

In addition to these rules changes, we would also like to announce our very own GGn timeline, outlining the development and history of our community. If you're interested in past events, important milestones, as well as users becoming Gaming Gods, check out the GGn History wiki page. We're going to continuously update and expand on that history, to give everyone a chance to catch up on our history without having to dig through forums and announcements.

GGn Staff