The fact that Game of Thrones is probably the most popular TV series of the moment is not exactly a novelty.

But, what you guys didn’t know was the fact that Game of Thrones pretty much beats records in almost any field, starting with pornography and piracy.

The seventh season was the most watched cinematographic production in the world and also the most pirated one.

Obviously, that’s why hackers from all around the world were most interested in it now and not in the previous years.

However, the last season was illegally accessed over a billion times.

The incredible data was exposed by an online piracy monitoring company known as MUSO, who is pretty much the biggest source of traffic when it comes to via streaming piracy.

How many have watched Game of Thrones legally or… illegally

On average, each episode was watched 32 million times. They are still available on HBO’s streaming platform, so numbers will increase.

However, illegally, the average has increased to 140 million per episode.

The most watched was the first episode, with over 184 million, followed by number six and five.

What’s interesting about these figures is that people appreciate streaming, but they refuse to pay money for it.

Unlike a few years ago, now it’s more convenient not to fill your computer with pirated content, but instead, watch it from a third source.

MUSO data is not extremely accurate and the actual information is collected through SimilarWeb from over 200 million devices (computers and phones or tablets) connected to the Internet. It’s a statistic, but it helps you get an idea of what Game of Thrones really meant in 2017.