Prohibition of publishing notices of illegal packaging resources
Starting from March 10, 2023, this site will strictly implement the following resource packaging rules (official content is not subject to the following conditions): Do not

publish collections of directors, actors, IMDB Top 250, Douban Top 250, etc., and offenders will be deleted directly ;
Collections of original disk, original disk DIY, and lossless extraction (REMUX) are not allowed to be self-packaged and released, and those who violate it will be deleted directly.

In principle, the following resources are also allowed to be packaged:
original high-definition movie collections sold by distributors in sets (such as The Ultimate Matrix Collection Blu-ray Box); original sets of original
discs purchased or captured by excellent original disc enthusiasts; original DVDs from
Hong Kong and Taiwan The disk is used as a material archive, allowing a certain limit of packaged release, and the management team can decide whether to keep it according to the situation; the
compressed version of the BDRip collection is packaged, and packaged release is allowed. But if it is not finished and there is a follow-up, it will be labeled as zero magic, and the species will have no magic power. Packages of finished orthodox collections, such as the Infernal Affairs trilogy. It is regarded as a regular seed and enjoys the magic of making a seed.