Happy New Year!

Happy new year FunSharers!!

We would like to wish all members a great 2019 and that all your new year's resolutions come true. And even if not, well, have a great year anyway

A new year is always a good opportunity to look back and this time we'd like to thank all members for their outstanding sharing spirit. In 2018, all members downloaded a total of 73839737MB, but uploaded 137320339MB. This proves, that "sharing" is not just part of our name, but a trait around here!
And about downloading, let us remind you that FreeLeech is on for the first 6 months of 2019! That's right, SIX months non-stop!! If you didn't catch it yet, just have a look at the previous news for details.
Also worth mentioning is that we have just crossed a total of 300,000 uploaded torrents a few days ago!

Another topic, that's under evaluation constantly, is keeping a healthy flow of new members. That of course in accordance with our principles. About 12 months ago we held a winter camp at TPS and this year we're thinking about not only repeating but eggspanding that. In addition we handed out a couple of invites for christmas, which we trust are put to good use.

This wraps it up for now but not for long, because in 3 weeks iTS time to celebrate our 14th anniversary!