6 Months FreeLeech

Dear FunSharers,

as every year around this time, we have the advent calendar running to make an already cozy time even a bit more cozy. This year however we're delighted to announce a significant addition:

Our former club captain and black medal holder highway is, as far as tokens go, a very wealthy person. But instead of spending them on goods for himself, he decided to donate his complete wealth to enable 6 months of FreeLeech! Yea, that's no typo, 6 as in SIX freaking months of FreeLeech for everyone
That makes him not only one of the highest decorated members, but also a most generous one. We'd like to emphasize that this is up very high on our all time positive-surprises-list. Which is not so short on a site that's gonna turn 14 neggst month!
So we hope you make it count and leech more than usual over the neggst months

Hats off highway and a very good time to everyone