2018 Christmas Quiz Results



We are happy to announce that our big Christmas quiz is done and it was a great success!
All prizes/credits have been awarded to the winners.

We'd like to thank everyone that participated in it, it was really fun and enjoyable.
If you didn't get the chance to participate, do not worry, you will have plenty of chances during this year!

The two winners of this season are u********* and t*******. They both got one month VIP to test drive.

The leader board with the final results can be found HERE.

We'd also like to give a special thanks to X********* for helping us gather the screenshots.

Global Freeleech

Global freeleech will last until the 15th of January! That means anything you download will not count against your ratio! Upload will continue to count. Keep in mind that seeding rules STILL apply!

We wish everyone a happy new year!