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:: Anniversary of the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49

On March 15, 1848, a revolution led by radical youth exploded in Pest, opening the year and a half of Hungary's struggle for freedom.

The revolutionary wave from Paris reached the center of the intellectual life of the Hungarians in two days, and the main organizers of the Pest movement were young intellectuals (eg Sándor Petőfi, Pál Vasvári, Mór Jókai). According to Petofi's diary, the Pilvax Café gave birth to the "action plan" of the revolution: first the organizers called on the student youth at the University Square, then seized the printing press of Lajos Landerer. This is where the twelve points summarizing their claims and the revolutionary poem of Petőfi, the National Song, came out, which still symbolize the 15th of March.