Would you like to join the TvT Team ?!

Do you love TvT and wish there was a way you could give back to this great community? Well, now might be your chance. We are looking for a few of our fine TvT members to join our TvT internal staff.

TvT is currently seeking experienced web developers of all kinds to join our team. We have a project for which we need more developers. We don't offer monetary compensation. However, you will get to work with a highly skilled and qualified development team and you might just learn some new stuff in the process. The specific details of the project will not be divulged until you are involved and have made a commitment. We won't require that you kill yourself for us but we do expect at least some time from you per week spent on the project. We are seeking candidates who are already experienced in web development areas including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Perl, C++ and Python. If you have any experience in those areas please leave us a message HERE

We appreciate everything our current dev team does and hope we can find people to complement and work with them.