Bills status update:


We would like to give you some updates regarding our ongoing donation run.

First we would like to thank those who already have donated. Every donation, no matter which amount, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

As of today, 7 days after the first donation announcement was made, we received only 10 Bitcoin donations (10 as in 10 donations, not 10 Bitcoin . ) and some donations via bank transfer (as Romanian users can donate via bank transfer too), which just isn't enough to keep this site going without us, the staff, being left with the majority of the costs. One must think it should be easy to achieve our donation goal, but not when only ~10 users out of 18.371 registered users donate.

100 percent of every donation goes directly into the site, for example: site infrastructure, domain, upload bots, proxies, main server, IRC, cocaine , whores , etc..

So please, help us out to keep this site alive!
You can find further information and tutorials on how to get Bitcoins here