FileList API

Before we go on to the subject from the title which is mainly targeted at developers, we wish to bring to your attention something that impacts all users. A few days ago we made some improvements to how searching torrents works, more exactly:

  • Torrents are now indexed in real time. Meaning that you can find it via search right after it's uploaded;
  • We made some improvements to the way words are analyzed for indexing. To be more specific the search will now return much more accurate results;
  • We have also greatly improved the algorithm which handles word positioning in the search engine, you can now find much shorter words and the relevance of the results is higher;

Let's go on with a short list of 'good-to-know' things for the API:

  • You can find the API at: ;
  • A 150 requests/hour/user limit is enforced;
  • All API calls have to be sent as a GET request;
  • The authentication is made using your username and passkey;
  • The API can return responses as JSON as well as XML;
  • At this moment there are two endpoints: search-torrents and latest-torrents;
  • latest-torrents works the same way as the current RSS feed with the added benefit of being able to filter by IMDb;

For more informations visit this link.