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Thread: Filelist News

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    Filelist News

    We passed new permanent address for tracker (

    So those who still have the old torrent client using tracker ( and do not know why you do not go torrent site and / or do not receive bonus points for all torrents, you asked to change to address new, obviously keeping everything after.

    This way you'll get bonus points for new torrents in question.

    uTorrent allows change of address to multiple torrents at once, the process is as follows:

    Select torrents that you want to change your address

    (Ctrl + Click for individual selection) (Ctrl + A to select all the torrents - if you select them all and torrent and set another address than, the space will empty, meaning that you need to specify the passkey

    Right Click -> Properties;

    Replace with

    We apologize for this sudden change and wish you a pleasant evening!
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