For many years now Facebook has remained much dedicated to helping combat online piracy on its platform. At the moment, the social media provider is making moves to boost its anti-piracy portfolio. This is pretty clear looking at the acquisition of Source3, which happens to be a New York City-based start-up. It is associated with developing technologies for the detection of intellectual property (IP) in unrelated content.

This new acquisition according to some trusted sources might be what Facebook has always looked forward to over the years. The Menlo Park, California-based company will succeed in its quest to bar users on its platform from reproducing videos as well as other forms of content. As a matter of fact, they will need to first of all get the required permission from creators before proceeding to do what they need to do.

The acquisition comprises of the people behind the startup as well as the IP management technology. Source3 a short while back made an announcement disclosing that it was planning to bring its IP and expertise to the industry leader.

It goes without saying that this will help much towards serving the large number of users with top services. These will include the sharing of music, photos as well as videos each and every day according to Androidheadlines.

But one thing is not yet very clear. No one till this moment knows how many employees will be joining Facebook from Source3 and stay in the offices in New York City.

While speaking to a number of news reporters recently, one of the officials working with Facebook said, “In May, Facebook was one of the Internet companies that have been criticized by the United Kingdom‘s Home Affairs Select Committee for their allegedly lax behavior toward illegal content posted on their platforms. .”

It is high time Facebook beefs up its rights management system and the new acquisition is expected to help much towards that. The way in which the social media provider chooses to implement the start-up’s technology into its own platform is something that we will have to wait and see.