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We have banned old utorrent Clients Use utorrent 3.5 Read Here above if you do not like the adds you can remove them

You can Use Acceptable Clients Utorrent 2.2.1utorrent 3.5

The term Hit and Run means very simply, to download a torrent and not seed it back. It is an extremely rude thing to be selfishly and depriving others of downloading the same torrent.
You must to keep seeding a downloaded torrent until ratio becomes 1.00 or for at least 24 hours.
Removing the torrent from your Bittorrent client before it has reached the required stats is a H&R and this is prohibited.

- If you leave seeding before performing one of these requirements, the torrent will be marked as H&R.
- We have given you a 7 days Period to fully seed your torrants so you do not have to leave your PC on as long you go back to seed.
- If you fully seed the 24 hours before the 7 days Period you do not have to seed any more but it helps everyone out
- Also if you downloaded more than
1 MB, you will need to follow these rules even if you have not completed downloading.
- Updates are made at every 15 minutes!
- Please note that at 1 H&R you will becomes unable to download torrents, just a simple spectator to this site...

- Please Seed as long as you can to help members out And you will get a very Good Raio and Upload Download!